International Women's Day Cocktail Breakfast

When: March 8 2018

Where: Port Adelaide, Australia


<h2><small>Celebrate International Women&#39;s Day with the Anna Rennie Chapter over an elegant cocktail breakfast at the beautiful Portobello Cafe. It will be a VERY special occasion. Portobello Cafe is located in New Port Quays on the Port River Loop Path overlooking Harts Mill. </small></h2>

<h2><small>The venue is relaxing, classy, gets bathed by the morning sun and is a popular destination for the Port River dolphins. </small></h2>

<h2><small>There is no better place to celebrate the official renaming and dedication of the Loop Path to &#39;The Anna Rennie Path&#39; - <em>Anna&#39;s Path.&nbsp;</em></small></h2>

<h2><small>This is a ticketed event so please get in early to book your group of work colleagues, girlfriends, mums, grandmas, daughters, aunts, neices and sisters. Oh, and men are MOST welcome, too!</small></h2>



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