Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week

When: March 8 2021

Where: Montreal, Canada


Steering women & girls towards the air & space industry

Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week is a global outreach initiative that takes place annually during the week of March 8, anniversary date of the world’s first female pilot license since 1910 and International Women’s Day since 1914.</p>

The week aims to close the gender balance gap in the air and space industry. We fly it forward® to honour past and present women of aviation.

To fulfill the vision of the pioneers who stood up to open the doors of aviation for all women, we extend a warm welcome to girls of any age in industry facilities across the globe and inspire them with virtual events.

United across borders, we create a warm, welcoming, and hard-to-miss and hard-to-resist message aimed at the female population at large. Each year, the week has a theme that highlights a historical female achievement in aviation.

Activities such as flying events, factory and school open door events, museum special programs, and much more are organized to showcase today’s women of aviation as well as extend a warm welcome to female newcomers.

Multiple challenges and contests such as the Fly It Forward® Challenge, Pink Paper Plane Challenge™, and the Inspiration™ Challenge, add fun and rewards to the overall experience.

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