Pressing for progress in classrooms

Jo Duncan, Headmistress, The Royal High School Bath

As the Head of an all girls’ school, I feel a huge responsibility day in and day out to encourage young women to believe in themselves.

At the heart of finding out who they are on the journey from young girl to young woman is the path to self-belief which in turn nurtures self-esteem and vital self-confidence.

I believe that a girls’ school gives girls the space to develop the belief that they can do anything.

In a world where women still have to fight to be respected and treated equally and where statistics about gender parity make depressing reading, the childhood and teenage years are a crucial time to help girls to build the confidence to challenge gender stereotypes.

International Women’s Day tells us that ‘classroom education about gender equality is the most grassroots difference anyone can make’.

In our classrooms, we #PressforProgress every day.

We aim to inspire generations of young women to reach their full potential and never doubt that they can achieve exactly what they want to.

We aim to inspire them, to help them find role models that inspire them and in turn become role models who inspire other young women.

As today’s generation of young girls grow into young women, I also hope that today’s generation of young men are being taught about equality and are actively learning how to stop reinforcing stereotypes.

Together we can all press for progress and banish the spectre of inequality.


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