Create Your Life Workshop & Virtual Vision Board Party

When: March 8 2021

Where: Toronto, Canada


Isn't it finally time you set aside a day for yourself? No work, no errands, no chores; just plenty of time to breathe, dream, soak in creativity, focus on your priorities, and well, celebrate you!

Join me on March 8 -- in honour of you and International Women's Day -- and begin to design and live your life, your way.

Connect with your intuition and deepest desires for your life. Put your limiting beliefs and fears behind you, and learn new habits to increase the likelihood that you'll achieve your goals and dreams.

Spend a few hours with like-minded individuals, and leave the video call with a shift in mindset and the beginnings of a magnificent vision board! We will reconvene a week later to celebrate your progress and learn tips to put your vision into action.

Dream it. Visualize it. Live it.

Real change starts with you. Challenge yourself today.
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