Balance is best for business

Anjuna Kalsi, Chief Human Resources Officer, Theramex

"This International Women’s Day is the second one that Theramex has participated in. In 2018, our start-up team had just taken ownership of the assets that would become the focus of our business. We were very small in numbers but wanted to start as we meant to go on – by placing ‘women - our patients’ at the heart of everything we do. One year-on, while our talent has grown to more than 400 people working in country teams across the globe, our commitment to ‘helping women to live better lives’ remains constant.

"Attracting talent has been a dominant activity over the previous 12 months and many have asked the question, ‘as a company which only provides healthcare therapies for women, do you favour women when hiring into new roles.’ As an organisation in the pharmaceutical sector, the female talent pool, in an industry which has traditionally been male dominated, is not as strong as it could be. We have, however, started to see more women applicants for our key roles and our workforce ratio 52:48, with women taking the small majority, shows that we strongly support this year’s theme #BalanceforBetter.

"We firmly believe that a balanced talent base is best for business. Whether it’s the Executive Leadership Team, scientific and technical roles, or the sales force; differences in gender, ethnicity, experience, culture, sexuality, age and background bring a rich mix to the way we do business. This makes us a stronger, balanced, company, fit for the future in a dynamic and very challenging commercial environment.

"This International Women’s Day, we have given our employees paid time away from work, to support women in the community. An incredible range of activities are taking place across our global teams including sponsored events, bake sales, teaching IT literacy to those who need it, collecting bra’s and sanitary products for those who cannot afford them, and even volunteering at food banks and sports/dance-based events which are designed to help young women without formal qualifications, to improve their employability. In fact, we have made International Women’s Day our annual charity day, where we will come together each year to support women in need.

"Our work takes us across the evolving needs of women as they move through different stages in their lives. From contraception to fertility, menopause to osteoporosis, women are our patients and our passion, and we are working for all women – everywhere.

"Although on 8th March we will be celebrating International Women’s Day, we are determined to bring the values from the IWD movement to our daily lives as we continue to grow and develop our business."



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