Better the balance, better the work

Ashwajit Singh, Managing Director, IPE Global Limited

“Women are essential stakeholders in the development process – often switching roles as workers, producers, caregivers, and consumers — yet they are not immune to the negative fallout of gender biases.

"The pre-requisite to ensuring gender equality is to formulate gender-aware and evidence-based policies with conscious emphasis on gender friendly work place practices.

"Simultaneously, there is a need to continuously sensitize workers and managers at all levels.

"A gender audit at work can be an effective tool to ensure #BalanceforBetter.

"Our in-house study has shown that in most organizations the policy and intent for gender balance is there but is not backed by execution and awareness.

"The Government could consider making gender audit mandatory and certain indicators may need to be reported as part of the Annual Reports.

"At IPE Global, our digital campaign – #MakeWayforHer emphasises on the need to address the barriers that impedes the progress of women at work place and advocates/engages people to help break perceptions for a more gender inclusive world is another example of our commitment to gender parity.’’



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