Girls CAN Fly! A Celebration of women in aviation

When: March 5 2016

Where: Breslau, Ontario, Canada


<h2><em>&ldquo;Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn&rsquo;t be done&rdquo; &ndash; Amelia Earhart</em></h2>

<h2><a href="/External.aspx?u="><img class="img-fluid mx-auto d-block" alt="" src="" style="height:135px; width:300px" /></a></h2>

<h2><a href="/External.aspx?u=">Calling females of all ages &ndash; Come fly with us!</a></h2>

<h4>Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre&nbsp;is&nbsp;celebrating&nbsp;<a href="/External.aspx?u=">International Women&rsquo;s Day&nbsp;</a>by&nbsp;inviting you to bring your daughters, nieces, cousins, friends, and grandchildren &ndash; ANY girls who are interested in the freedom of flight to enjoy a FREE day at our facility (<em>located at the&nbsp;<a href="/External.aspx?u=">Region of Waterloo International Airport</a>)</em>&nbsp;and experience what a life in aviation is all about.</h4>

<p>We are excited to see more girls get hooked on flying&nbsp;&ndash; feel the freedom of flight!</p>

<li>Be amazed! Get your hands on some very cool interactive aviation and Aerospace exhibits.</li>
<li>Meet real female pilots and hear how YOU can learn to fly too.</li>
<li>Free flights for girls.&nbsp;(with advance registration)</li>

<p>We are hoping to inspire and include all females interested in aviation&nbsp;(and STEM studies in general) - Help us empower our girls to reach the stars.<br />
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