Blood Connection

Blood Connection Oil on linen 80 x 140 cm 2011 by Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox

'Blood Connection' is a painting created by a cascading tree-of-life. It creates the land masses in red, and the seas and oceans in blue. But, everything is connected. This painting 'speaks' of parity not only between the sexes, but between all people. After all, when we die, we all return [one way or another] to the Earth. That's why I have painted the continents red, to illustrate that our blood is all the same colour. Yes, it contains other information, but once returned to the Earth we all, past present and future humans, share the same home. Indeed, this is also obvious when viewing Earth from a distance. It is our home, for the long foreseeable future and disparity seems futile.  

The tree-of-life mirrors our vascular, lymph, respiratory, dendritic systems at the same time as mirroring systems across the planet, such as water [both above and below ground], mountain ranges, the effects of wind across snad dunes and more. I don't think age, sex, skin colour or religion really matters when humanity, Earth and our place in the Universe are considered.



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