It is time there are more women leaders

Ashwajit Singh, Managing Director, IPE Global

"Society that fails its women and girls, ultimately fails itself. Women’s social and economic empowerment is critical for gender equality and for achieving the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Women make up one half of the world’s human capital and yet women continue to be denied control and access to resources and decision making. Gender inequality and skewed distribution of assets and power within family, workplace and socio-political institutions are both the cause and consequence of multiple forms of discrimination that tend to reproduce themselves over time and over generations thus having a negative impact on development outcomes.

"Empowering and educating girls and women and leveraging their talent and leadership fully in the global economy, politics and society emerges as the fundamental element of prospering in an ever more competitive world.

"It is time the world treats women differently and especially the workplace. The workplace is where the woman spends the maximum time and colleagues become family. Investing in women is investing in our future. I want to urge women to stand their ground. Fight back. Win. Break free from the shackles that tie them down and chase their dreams. It is time there are more women leaders. And, we as men, owe it to them. Let us together #MakeWayforHer. I pledge to #BeBoldForChange and accelerate gender parity. Do you?"

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