Ensuring women hold an equal role is essential

Christine Molitor, Scope Global, Chief Executive Officer

“Throughout my career, I’ve seen the importance of diversity and inclusion. Ensuring women hold an equal role is essential for fair and sustainable outcomes, and for ensuring every person has the potential to reach their full capacity. 

"I’ve learnt that there are always opportunities - even small ones - for women themselves to be bold for change. We need to be courageous enough to look within ourselves, to take initiative, say yes to opportunities, and take responsibility for working towards our own goals. We need to support and enable each other. And we need to listen to compliments and truly believe the positive things people say about us and what we do. It starts with believing in yourself.

"I’m proud to lead an organisation that recognises the incredible potential of women. Our culture at Scope Global supports women at different stages of their careers and personal lives, and we actively work to keep women in the workforce. This approach contributes to considerable opportunities for women: females account for 60% of our board members, more than 60% of our managers and 72% of all staff. 

"This International Women’s Day, I pledge to #BeBoldForChange and work to ensure every girl and woman can contribute on an equal basis.” 

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