Encouraging women to go further on their journey

Michelle Loader, Chandler Macleod, CEO

“To this day, my mother is my greatest inspiration. Dedicating her life to the work of running our family and our farm, she was committed beyond any KPIs or promise of a financial bonus to make our world a better place. Today my own daughters are accustomed to seeing mum leaving early for work in the morning and return home satisfied at night. They know that I, too, am dedicated to making their world a better place. To me, being bold for change means taking the inclusive, accepting and supportive household my mum created, and executing that at an organisational level.

“At Chandler Macleod we are focused on unleashing potential in a working world. At our core we insist on respect and empowerment. How else can we work together to harness the value of the collective? We are proud of our inclusive leadership team. We align with clients that support women. We monitor and report on gender parity gaps. And we work rigorously to acknowledge and address bias and unconscious bias. We strive to provide a progressive, supportive and flexible environment in which people can bring their ‘whole-of-self’ to work each day. 

"This year, to celebrate International Women’s Day, I personally pledge to #BeBoldForChange by reaching out and encouraging women to go further on their journey, or even to take a different path. Imagine if every senior leader was mentoring one women - what a bold impact that would have.”

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