Sheila Flavell

"I've worked in male dominated industries all my life, and I've faced many challenges along the way. My experiences have taught me that you don't have to prove you're as good as your male counterparts, most of the time you have to prove that you are better and have to work even harder just to be seen as equal. his problem persists despite study after study proving that diversity drives innovation. Only 16% of tech specialists are women. Where female tech specialists do exist, they typically fall in middle to lower level occupations, with only 11% of Tech Directors being women.

"At FDM we are committed to creating and inspiring exciting careers that shape our digital future and it is vital that our digital future is not only creative and innovative, but also upholds and celebrates inclusion to mirror the diversity of talent that exists in the sector.

"FDM has a female management team of circa 50% and actively promotes gender diversity through our global Women in IT initiative. Committed Female Champions act as role models and help support women within the FDM network, setting an example for generations to follow. With over 60 nationalities and cultures working together, FDM boasts a truly diverse workforce that goes beyond gender. Embracing people’s differences and being inclusive forms part of the FDM values.

"We have a duty to do as much as we can to support women, and we must work hard to break the myths that discourage women from pursuing a career in technology."

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