Kate Barton
EY Americas Vice Chair, tax Services

"To celebrate and support International Women's Day, I would like to encourage all women in tax leadership and other senior-level roles to tap their potential to create a lasting legacy of opportunity and acceptance for other women in tax and accounting. We can use our hard-earned influence to cultivate and sponsor the next generation of women leaders in our field.

"In the three decades since I joined EY, I've seen steady progress for women in the tax profession. More than half of the people entering the EY tax practice in Americas are women. Just five years ago, women represented 35% of tax professionals in corporate positions and public accounting. Women continue to make gains in mid-level tax management positions, particularly in public accounting firms where we see near parity with men. The outlook isn't as equitable among senior tax positions: more than 70% of tax partners in public accounting firms and heads of corporate tax departments are men. Signs of better balance bode well among the largest companies as the top tax roles are held by women at seven of the top 10 Fortune companies.

"The critical mass of women in the top tax positions at major multinationals is amazing and it can get stronger. It is an example for other top positions at companies. It also could represent a tipping point for women, affecting other corporate leadership positions. While a lot of attention is focused on the still tiny percentage of women CEOs and COOs at major US companies, tax may represent a gateway for women to the ranks of executive management."

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