Paul Devoy
Head of Investors in People

"Investors in People believe the most successful organisations make harnessing people's talents a core value. From equal paternity/maternity leave, to leadership opportunities and pay, ensuring everyone has the same opportunities for development regardless of gender, age, race or background should be essential to all businesses. Within my own team at Investors in People, two thirds of the senior leadership team are women, a statistic we are proud of. This year's Pledge for Parity theme aligns to the Investors in People values, and is just one of the reasons why I am proud to be declaring my support.

"Our recent research suggests that 83% of women believe gender discrimination still exists in the workplace. This statistic reveals the perceived gender imbalance across the workforce, making a strong case for why every business leader needs to take the Pledge for Parity. Failing to make full use of half the UK population, economy is missing out on a wealth of skills and talent.

"International Women's Day Remains an extremely important occasion and provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to take a lead on moving towards gender equality in the workplace. Ensuring that the existing gender imbalance is addressed will help us move towards a more progressive and sustainable economy.

"On behalf of Investors in People and International Women's Day, I pledge to be a champion of gender parity within my organisation and in the wider world."

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