Adam Warby
Avanade CEO

"As the CEO of a company with 27,000 digitally connected people in 23 countries I feel it is my responsibility to set an example of the integrity and respect which we have/show for each and every one of our professionals. I have set a goal for Avanade to achieve 30% female leadership by September 2018. Gender balance and diversity are not only critical to business success they are also the right thing to advocate for, as a business leader, as a person and as a father of two daughters.

"Avanade's theme for International Women's Day 2016 is Everyone Counts and I personally will pledge for parity both at work, at home and in society.

"I believe diversity drives innovation and inclusion fosters creativity for clients in a digital world and I am committed to furthering diversity at each opportunity. We change things for the better at Avanade and part of that change means standing up for equality and fair treatment for all."

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