Mark A. Weinberger
EY Global Chairman & CEO

"Companies that advance women into leadership roles are going to have the upper hand, with more engaged workforces, stronger cultures and improved economic performance. We know that gender-balanced companies achieve better results. As business leaders we need to ask ourselves: Have we made enough progress? Are we helping enough women find their way into leadership roles in order to make our businesses better?

"I encourage you to make a pledge as well. It may not look like mine. In fact, your pledge probably should look different, because you should look at your own position at your company, and in your community, and figure out how and where you can do the most good.

"Maybe you're a manager, with the power to set a tone that creates a more inclusive workplace culture that values women's and men’s contributions equally. Maybe you have a say in work leave policies, and can push for more flexibility, along with the generous maternity and paternity leave policies that help men and women advance equally in their careers.

"If you have more of a say in hiring and training, you might pledge to initiate programes that increase targeted recruitment, skills coaching and leadership education for women in the workplace. And whether you're in your first job or nearing retirement, you can pledge to be a mentor who helps female recruits gain the skills and experiences they need to advance.

"So make the Pledge for Parity. For business, workplace equity is an imperative that no company can afford to neglect. And for all of us, it's the right thing to do."

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