The world made a #PledgeForParity in 2016

Across the world, people and groups made a #PledgeForParity - and the pledges still continue today, so have you made a pledge yet? For International Women's Day 2017, we asked the world to step up and take bold action to help accelerate gender parity via the #BeBoldForChange IWD 2017 campaign theme.

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Here's who has been making their #PledgeForParity

See how people around the world have been sharing their #PledgeForParity socially once they've pledged. And remember you can still make a pledge because there remains a lot of work to do to help accelerate gender parity across the world. Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

Run your own #PledgeForParity campaign

One of the most powerful ways you can influence how quickly gender parity is achieved is through championing your own #PledgeForParity campaign. Helping others recognize the impact of their actions on behalf of women, cascades awareness and behavioural change which accelerates achievement of the economic value of gender parity.

1. Find out how to run a #PledgeForParity campaign
2. Encourage colleagues to make a Pledge For Parity
3. See what a successful Pledge For Parity campaign looks like or read a casestudy
4. Embed the #PledgeForParity widget on your own website by accessing the embed code
5. Print out a #PledgeForParity selfie card to promote your pledge via social media

Watch #PledgeForParity and IWD videos

#PledgeForParity supporters from around the world are committing to concrete action to help accelerate gender parity. Watch their videos here and also see further International Women's Day videos.

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