Adobe 99U women creatives

We're so super excited about Adobe's 99U event so we hope you'll join us!

Join fabulous women creatives from around the world at the totally awesome Adobe 99U Live virtual event on June 17 at 10:30am ET / 7:30am PT.

It's a live broadcast on Behance featuring a brilliant line up of fabulous keynotes, workshops, Q&As, resources and giveaways. So what's not to like about that!


So what does it mean to be a creative?

This year’s 99U Conference is a call for women and those identifying as female to unpack our creative identities, to explore how to establish our purpose, nurture our talent and to define success on our own terms. Oh yeah!

While the much-awaited detailed agenda will be announced soon by Adobe in coming weeks, you can jump right in and get to know some of this year's 99U speakers - ranging from a rebellious product design leader to an author practicing extreme gratitude!

Plus, if for some reason you can't join 99U live, or you simply want to design your own agenda, all of this year's 99U Live talks, workshops and master classes will be made available on demand, starting from June 17.

99U will also be rolling out new resources offering opportunities for deep exploration and self-discovery, plus limited-edition giveaways, prints and other surprises - so stay tuned!

Truly inclusive - as we would expect from Adobe - 99U talks and resources are designed for all career stages, skill levels and abilities. Both the livestream and the on-demand talks will be captioned with full transcripts available for the on-demand talks.

Catch some of the fabulous women creatives

Can you hear us screaming with excitement?

Feed your creative soul and breathe in the sheer inspiration from a universe of brilliant thinkers and creators.

Here are just some of the marvellous women we can't wait to hear from:

  • Anna Sale - Death, Sex & Money from WNYC Studios
  • Kelli Anderson - Artist & Paper Engineer
  • Nishat Akhtar - Creative Director, Instrument
  • Anne Helen Petersen - Senior Culture Reporter, BuzzFeed News
  • Antionette D. Carroll - Founder & CEO, Creative Reaction Lab
  • Michelle Rial - Author, Am I Overthinking This?
  • Octavia Bromell - Artist & Illustrator
  • Emily Cohen - Creative Business Strategist
  • Tina Essmaker - Creative Career Coach

Are you as excited as we are?

Looking for some creative career tips?

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Find out everything you need to know to inspire your fabulolus creative career - from how to have that successful first conversation with a prospective client through to how to handle that tricky career transition and uncertainty, or hearing the most memorable advice different successful creatives have been given.

Check out the massively exciting Creative Career Resources.

And ... we'll see you on June 17th as we revel in creative joy. 

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