Read about #PledgeForParity campaigns and further gender initiatives

Read how organizations are running #PledgeForParity campaigns to help accelerate gender parity in their arena - and further gender-focused initiatives across various contexts.

Read how EY developed and ran a pledge campaign to accelerate change within EY.

Read how calling on Oscar nominees to #PledgeForParity provided the perfect opportunity, to raise awareness about pay inequality in Hollywood. Thousands of tweets later, greater awareness about the lack of parity certainly prevailed.

Read how a non-profit organisation created and run by DJs, dancers and promoters is encouraging DJs and producers to make a pledge for International Women’s Day and beyond to challenge bias and create a more inclusive culture.

Read how the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota developed an impressive and engaging collection of women academics' views on how their work and passion promotes the contributions of women and girls around the world.

Read how an Australian government agency in New South Wales that actively encourages more women to volunteer for state emergency services is raising awareness among employees to do what they can to increase gender parity.

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