#PressforProgress widget

Run your own #PressforProgress campaign

Call on friends and colleagues to take progressive action to help accelerate gender parity. Run a #PressforProgress campaign using the International Women's Day resources available to all groups and individuals.

Embed the #PressforProgress widget

Embed the #PressforProgress widget on your own website or intranet and call for friends, colleagues, employees, clients or the general public to help accelerate gender parity by committing to bold action. Then promote your own #PressforProgress campaign via social media using the International Women's Day downloadable selfie cards.

Accessing the widget embed code

To access the #PressforProgress widget, please Register and Login to create your own distinct embed code and access your unique user campaign results. Introductory text can be added as required.

What the widget looks like

When you embed the #PressforProgress widget to call on friends and colleagues to take progressive action it will appear on your website as below.

View your real-time results via your account

By logging into your account on the International Women's Day website, you can view and access your real-time #PressforProgress activity results.

1. View your community's responses by #PressforProgress category

2. View those who committed to press for progress, by gender.

3. See how active your country is in pressing for progress.

See an example of an embedded #PressforProgress widget

Here is an example of the #PressforProgress widget embedded into a website. The group, Where Women Work, calls on their female candidate base and employers globally to #PressforProgress, and encourage their work colleagues to do likewise.

If you'd like to share an effective example of how you embedded the widget on your own website, please contact us. Further examples provide useful guidance for other groups seeking ideas for embedding the widget.

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