Macleay Valley Business Women’s Network - International Women’s Day 2019 Art Exhibition

When: March 8 2019

Where: Kempsey, Australia


<p>The Macleay Valley Business Women&#39;s Network (MVBWN) are joining with the Macleay Valley Community Art Gallery (MVCAG) to celebrate International Women&rsquo;s Day in hosting the opening of a special exhibition of works from women of the Macleay Valley.<br />
<br />
The MVCAG Committee invites women to submit artwork in any medium; textiles, painting, sculpture, floral arrangements, wood/metal work, quilting or ceramics for the exhibition.</p>

<p>For more information on the art exhibiton, please contact the MVCAG on (02) 6567 5092 or</p>


<li>8 March&nbsp;2019</li>


<li>5:30 pm&nbsp;-&nbsp;8:30 pm</li>


<p>Macleay Valley Community Art Gallery, 5 Kinchela Street,&nbsp;Gladstone,&nbsp;NSW&nbsp;2440&nbsp;Australia</p>

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