International Women's Day 2020 videos

To support International Women's Day awareness raising, groups around the world develop engaging #EachforEqual videos to amplify their commitment to helping build a more gender equal world. IWD videos are watched all over the world - in schools, foyers, shopping centers, libraries, gymnasiums, hotels and at all sorts of events. So submit your #EachforEqual video for review and potential inclusion.

Be one of the first people to see the fabulous #IWD2020 #EachforEqual rap launched by award-winning London rapper, C CANE.

C CANE has put the call out! Enter your equality rap in the #IWD2020 rap competition. We're looking for artists, schools, companies, universities and groups worldwide to share an #IWDrap.

As we swiftly approach International Women's Day, get some fresh ideas and inspiration for your own #IWD2020 #EachforEqual video from last year's brilliant IWD videos. Check them out here.

Progressive companies will step up to be #EachforEqual

Charities call on communities to be #EachforEqual

Sporting groups will promote their focus on #EachforEqual

Ahead of IWD 2020 #EachforEqual videos coming soon, see an example from last year.

Educating about #EachforEqual will be key

Governments will show leadership in being #EachforEqual

Ahead of IWD 2020 #EachforEqual videos coming soon, see an example from last year.

How will you support #EachforEqual?

Looking for ideas for your own IWD 2020 #EachforEqual video?

Check out hundreds of IWD videos from last year developed by groups from across the world - from companies, governments, charities, sporting groups and educational institutions to professional associations and more.

Greatest ever International Women's Day videos

International Women's Day videos form a big part of celebrations on March 8, as well as providing a call-to-action for gender parity. Here are some of the most powerful, popular, interesting, effective and fun IWD videos from around the world over the years - watch videos.

Want to share your IWD 2020 #EachforEqual video?

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