International Women's Day Event Pack

Celebrate International Women's Day

Are you responsible for running 2019 International Women's Day activity?
Need help making your job easier?

"IWD in a Box" is a great way to save time and hassle figuring out what to do and what you need. The IWD resources instantly create and engaging and professional atmosphere.

Whether you're a company, government, professional group, charity, hospital, library, retail outlet, community service provider, university or school - IWD Event Packs instantly provide exciting and professional resources for IWD marketing and events.

The IWD 2019 Event Pack includes:

  • 2 Large IWD Cardboard Banner Posters
  • 2 IWD Bunting Lengths: each 10 metres
  • 50 IWD Presentation Lapel Pins
  • 50 IWD Purple Wristbands
  • 50 IWD Awareness Raising Postcards
  • 50 IWD Eye-Catching Purple Pens with purple ink
  • 50 IWD Activity Cards: instructions provided
  • 300 IWD Glue Dots for IWD Activity Cards & Banners
  • 20 IWD Purple Balloons: 10 helium fill; 10 air fill
  • 1 Large Spool IWD Purple Curling Ribbon

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