International Women's Day 2016 events

Each year thousands of events occur celebrating International Women's Day - large global gatherings, conferences, awards, exhibitions, festivals, fun runs, corporate events, concerts and performances, key speaker events, online digital gatherings and more. Events are held by many types of groups including women's networks, corporations, charities, educational institutions, government bodies, political parties and the media.

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Popular events around the world

Brisbane: Fun Run

International Womens Day Fun Run 2016

Aberdeen: Conference

University of Aberdeen 2016 International Womens Day Conference

Toronto: Tech Talks

Annual International Womens Day Talks 2016

Gibraltar: Art Exhibition

Celebrating Womens Creativity Art Exhibition

Melbourne: A premiere

Film Premiere: The Will To Fly

London: Tech Showcase

Tech City International Women’s Day Showcase 2016

London: WOW Festival

WOW - Women of the World Festival 2016

Derby: Women's Festival

International Womens Day Festival

Canberra: IWD Breakfast

AHRIs International Womens Day Breakfast - Canberra

Ontario: Girls Can Fly

Girls CAN Fly! A Celebration of women in aviation


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