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IWD 2016 campaign resources

Across the world, useful resources from reputable sources inform and support the pursuit of gender parity. Below is a selection of impressive and meaningful resources to guide your own focus on working to achieve gender parity - and to help run your own #PledgeForParity campaign.

You can also download the International Women's Day logo or icon.

Run your own #PledgeForParity campaign

One of the most powerful ways you can influence how quickly gender parity is achieved is through championing your own #PledgeForParity campaign. Helping others recognize the impact of their actions on behalf of women, cascades awareness and behavioural change which accelerates achievement of the economic value of gender parity.

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Use these resources to guide your Pledge For Parity campaign

Help women and girls achieve their ambitions

EY's Global Diversity & Inclusiveness Officer, Karyn Twaronite, interviews Deborah Gillis, CEO of Catalyst on accelerating the pace of women's advancement in the workplace

EY report: Mentoring and sponsorship is an overview of mentoring and sponsorship at EY and why they're critical to reaching gender parity

Forbes article Beyond The Olympic Flame: How Mentoring Guides Former Athletes discusses the importance of a mentoring program for athletes and how a background in sport can help accelerate a woman's leadership

Challenge conscious and unconscious bias

UnderstandingPrejudice.org is a website is for students, teachers and others interested in causes and consequences of prejudice

Projectimplicit.net is a nonprofit organization and international collaboration between researchers interested in implicit social cognition (thoughts and feelings outside of conscious awareness and control)

Stand for Gender Equality is a call to join MARC (Men Advocating Real Change), a global network of individuals empowered to close gender gaps and create more inclusive workplaces

Catalyst's Engaging Men in Gender Initiatives research series offers evidence-based advice about effective ways to partner with men in ending gender inequalities at work

Call for gender-based leadership

EY research report: Navigating disruption without gender diversity? Think again. shows that many organizations are still not making real progress when it comes to meaningful action that delivers greater gender diversity in the boardroom

EY's The power of many is a global survey on the correlation between teaming, diversity and corporate performance and how critical strong leadership is for high performing teams

EY report: Diversity drives diversity looks at US diversity in boardrooms and C-suite

EY's Chair, Global Accounts Committee & Global Vice Chair, Markets, Uschi Schreiber, explores methods for increasing female leadership

EY's report, Time for diversity, examines how boards should capitalize and recognize the value in diversity to improve their own performance and take action now.

Catalyst's Inclusive Leader quiz helps identify if you're an inclusive manager and helps start conversations about inclusive leadership

Catalyst's Leader to Leader: How to Transform the Boardroom From the Inside provides lessons shared from CEOs and Board Directors on paths forward supporting gender-balanced boards

How to Prepare Yourself for Corporate Board Service from Catalyst identifies skills, expertise, networks and ways to let others know the value you can bring to boards

Catalyst's Board Service as Executive Leadership Development provides tips for Managers of Board-Ready Women

Still Too Few: Women of Color on Boards from Catalyst addresses why women of color are absent on most Fortune 500 boards

Catalyst Accord: Women on Corporate Boards in Canada is a call to action for Canadian corporations to increase the overall proportion of board seats held by women

Women on Board: A Catalyst Initiative promotes the appointment of women to corporate boards by selecting and pairing women corporate director candidates with sponsors and champions and by promoting the women's candidacy for corporate boards

Catalyst Census Women Board Directors identifies the percentage of board seats held by women across companies

Ask a Catalyst Expert: How Do I Get on a Corporate Board? identifies eligible skills and experience

Catalyst Inclusive Leadership Learning Experiences is a collection of learning pathways for developing inclusive leaders at all levels within an organization

Value everyone's contributions equally

Forbes report Fostering innovation through a diverse workforce highlights how diversity is a key driver of innovation and critical for success

EY's short video Differences matter reveals the importance of diversity in organizations

EY's report, Who holds the key to closing the skills gap, looks at how we can better leverage the skills of women through their entire career to close the skills gap and support economic growth.

Catalyst's Let's Make Every Day Equal Pay Day is information about how you can help end the pay gap

Create inclusive, flexible cultures

EY's brochure Inclusive leadership - Accelerating progress in gender equity from the inside out explains how EY is working to lead the way on gender parity

Building inclusion is research by Diversity Council of Australia into an evidence-based model of inclusive leadership

Inclusion Matters infographic by Catalyst, shows how inclusion is connected to innovation and helpfulness

Further gender parity resources

EY's The time for gender parity is now survey documents the economic imperative of gender parity and outlines three accelerators to help achieve it

EY's Women. Fast forward on ey.com is a digital hub with resources and guidance for women in the workforce, women in leadership, women entrepreneurs and women athletes

McKinsey & Company report Unlocking the full potential of women at work features 60 companies that show how women have fuelled the US economy and its largest corporations

McKinsey & Company study, in partnership with LeanIn Women in the workplace discusses the state of women in America

EY's Women in the public sector report reveals women are woefully under-represented in the public sector but a significant part of the workforce

EY study: Global generations is a survey of workers in eight countries about what they want from their jobs

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Watch #PledgeForParity and International Women's Day videos

#PledgeForParity supporters from around the world are committing to concrete action to help accelerate gender parity. Watch their videos here and also see further International Women's Day videos.