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Using the International Women's Day logo

Thanks for your interest in using the International Women's Day logo. We encourage its use by groups around the world to actively promote their IWD events, activity and awareness raising - and on many occasions we help amplify this activity.

International Women's Day (IWD) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

Around the world, a significant level of activity gets underway and many groups and organizations use the IWD logo, the annual campaign theme and IWD assets to promote awareness about gender parity. The IWD logo is used to support and unify activity that celebrates and drives women's advancement, and it's brilliant to see the large volume of worldwide activity each year driving gender parity.

What the logo can and can't be used for

Here's a quick snapshot of what the International Women's Day logo can and can't be used for. IWD logo requests are submitted via your IWD account detailing proposed use.

  1. Use of the logo is subject to the Logo Terms of Use​. To access these terms, please ​​regist​er or log​​in to your IWD account​.​
  2. The logo is used by groups and organizations who like to align themselves with International Women's Day. It's used at events that in no way bring disrepute to the IWD brand (i.e. gatherings celebrating women's achievements and/or calling for greater equality via non-violent, legal means). It's also used for demonstrating support and involvement through non-saleable, non-commercial products and resources that promote or support IWD's aims and objectives.
  3. The logo must not be used on any product or merchandising, whether for private usage or to generate commercial gain or sale of products. It must also not be used in association with any form of harmful, violent or illegal activity. To report breaches, please email

We want to make sure the International Women's Day brand and logo are always used for positive causes - and in ways that benefit women. Therefore, we simply ask for a bit of background information about how you may be looking to use the logo, so we are kept aware. And for us, this is also an awesome way to hear about the amazing activities going on around the world, much of which we like to celebrate and help amplify.

Request the International Women's Day Logo Pack

To request the IWD Logo Pack, please register or login to your IWD account and submit the IWD Logo Request Form.

Reporting incidents regarding use

To report mis-use of the International Women's Day logo, please email

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