#BalanceforBetter Experience Lab

When: March 21 2019

Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina


Binden Group has been working since it´s foundation on SDG Goal number 5, gender equality, adopted by UN countries in 2015 as one of the 17 goals of the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda.

This year, as part of the community of the IWD, we set out to carry out an awareness-raising event on the gender equality issue in order to think about and work on concrete actions that the participants can carry out in their day-to-day activities at work in order to promote gender balance.

To enhance the impact of the event, and to generate actions that will allow awareness to take place beyond our organization and our networks, we believed that was essential to join strategic allies. Thus, the event has the support of Oracle Argentina, UNAJE (Unión Argentina de Jóvenes Empresarios – Young Entrepreneurs Union of Argentina) and Voces Vitales Argentina (Vital Voices Argentina).

Oracle Argentina will participate and support the event, they will provide their own volunteers to transfer tools for raising awareness of gender issues, especially in terms of women´s economic empowerment, which, together with Binden Group team, will be put into practice at the event and then could be transferred to other initiatives within the company.

The support of UNAJE and Voces Vitales Argentina allows us to expand the initiative among men and women who are currently company leaders, committing them to work every day for a gender balanced world.

All four organizations involved in this event will carry out this activity as part of their CSR actions, in a pro-bono manner, being free of charge for attendees. The training of Oracle Argentina volunteers will be done before the event and will be provided by Binden Group at absolutely no cost.

In addition to raising awareness of the issue, through this event we are seeking to strengthen the commitment to work throughout the year promoting the 2019 IWD campaign theme #BalanceforBetter in social networks and through our partners.

What is the event about?

A 3 hours meeting aimed to raise awareness of young professionals, men and women who are in intermediate corporate positions and/or entrepreneurs including intrapreneurs.

The objective is to work on what gender equality implies, why it is so important for all companies to be aware of the issue and how we can help business organizations to achieve gender parity at all levels.

It will be a hands-on experience, based on agile methodologies and design thinking to generate human-centered innovation.

The activity will also have an instance of networking at the end of it, with the aim of promoting joint work and mutual support to promote this agenda throughout the year.

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