Medtronic is committed to improving Women’s Health

A global leader in medical technology, Medtronic is committed to making treatment options less invasive and easier to access for all women, and building an inclusive and diverse global workforce where women can thrive. Medtronic supports women in surgery by providing advanced education, access to innovative products, and professional development opportunities. To date, the company has sponsored over 100 career conferences for female surgeons. Additionally, Medtronic has established a comprehensive approach to fostering a global culture of inclusion, diversity and equity, and advancing women leaders. This includes robust development and wellness programs to help female employees prioritize their health and work-life balance, reach their full potential, and build lifelong skills.

Medtronic is helping women navigate important healthcare decisions. We can make informed choices about healthcare when we understand our conditions, know our treatment options and understand how to access them.

Are you in a position of power when making decisions about your health?

With knowledge and awareness, some health issues can be detected early and lead to improved treatment options. Learn about key aspects of women's health that Medtronic supports through treatment devices and physician support:

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    To assist women to be in a position of power for making informed decisions about their health.

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