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Women represent a huge opportunity for MetLife to access the talent that it needs to succeed in becoming a world-class company. The Global Women's Initiative was launched in 2012 in an effort to increase representation of women in leadership roles, strengthen leadership capability in the talent pipeline and help women thrive at MetLife.

The Global Women's Initiative plays a substantial role in optimizing MetLife's business by shaping a new culture that enables the company to become a world-class organization, including positioning itself as an employer of choice among women.

The GWI strategy is aligned with MetLife's Global Diversity & Inclusion strategy, and is focused on talent and business optimization. It is led and shaped by the most senior levels of the organization, and supported and championed by the CEO and Executive Group.

Through the Global Women's Initiative, MetLife aims to:

  • identify and attract diverse talent
  • offer career development and skill building for MetLife's female employees
  • make sure women thrive at MetLife

Engaging and developing women leaders

MetLife takes a multi-faceted approach to engage and develop women as leaders and creates and implements various programs and initiatives.

Global Women's Leadership Forum is an annual internal leadership conference attended by the top senior women leaders, who serve as ambassadors to bring future women leaders along and help their businesses better understand how to incorporate women's needs and values as customers.

Developing Women's Career Experience is a nomination-based 14-month program to help prepare emerging women leaders for more complex leadership roles and broader experiences. To date, more than 150 emerging women leaders have gone through this signature program.

Women's Business Networks are comprised of MetLife employees focused on fostering a global community where all women thrive via career development and engagement activities. In addition, WBNs partner with MetLife businesses to provide resources and insights relating to women in the workplace, marketplace and community.

The power of peer support

Today, more than 30 networks around the globe serve thousands of members. The WBNs identify commercial opportunities for the company and offer ways for members to strengthen their business skills and create support networks. An example are the Lean In Circles in the United States, for which close to 2,000 women have registered, who through the power of peer support build confidence, and empower one another to overcome hurdles and achieve their goals.

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