Nancy Medoff

Workshop speaker helping women step into their strength, own their authenticity and thrive at work

#unmuteyourself and Speak Up to Stand Out.   My signature talk helps women step into their strength, own their authenticity and thrive at work.

Ready to step away from the herd? How about leveraging your strengths to step into your authenticity and get what you want and deserve at work?  Unmute yourself and communicate your value when the stakes are high using the three principles of persuasion.

This workshop is for women who are ready to take their careers to the next level and start getting what they want and deserve at work. This could mean faster promotions, higher salary, job security or simply being recognized for your ideas and your value.

• First, we step into your strengths. This interactive exercise uses the Power Positioning Statement Template to Identify your core strengths at work, hone in on exactly what you love and want to do, and in doing so lay the foundation for your personal power positioning statement.

• Then, we identify your true value. We determine the value in each strength, demonstrate why these matter at work and practice articulating your value.

• Finally, we position you to win. Here you learn how to differentiate yourself by tying your strengths to business results and using persuasive communication techniques to position yourself to win.

After completing this workshop attendees will:

• Create a powerful and persuasive positioning statement

• Step into their authenticity to create a road map for where they’re going professionally

• Communicate their value with certainty, clarity and confidence when the stakes are high

Learning methods:

• Facilitator led discussion

• Group role plays

• Small group discussion

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