Empowering women through enterprise

At the heart of Avon is a network of millions of beauty advisors, their independent Avon Representatives. These micro-entrepreneurs provide millions of customers worldwide with trusted, personal beauty advice and products to help them express their individuality.

This inspiring community has been the driving force behind Avon for more than 130 years, as the company has championed women and helped them succeed, in their own way and on their own terms.

Avon’s founder was a pioneer of women’s empowerment, long before women’s rights were widely recognised, and Avon continues to drive this powerful mission for women today, supported by over 25,000 passionate and talented associates in more than 50 countries across the globe.

Avon believes in the power of beauty. It is committed to supporting self-expression by challenging stereotypes, supporting freedom of expression, democratising beauty and representing a wide range of women.

Avon leads positive action supporting women and their communities

Avon advocates that women’s voices should be heard and their stories should be shared. Learn more about Avon's work in calling on people worldwide to #SpeakOut and put an end to pejorative words and phrases used to silence women.

Plus in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, learn about Avon's considerable response that includes a raft of actions including:

  • Avon's Isolated Not Alone campaign to raise awareness of silent epidemic exacerbated by isolation during the global Covid-19 crisis
  • Avon Foundation for Women's USD 1m commitment to front-line services to support women and children in need and at risk
  • Avon’s communications effort among its 5 million Representatives worldwide and their customers and communities to raise awareness of the issues and signpost where to go for help and how to identify and support those at risk

Angela Cretu, Avon CEO says: “Domestic violence is already an epidemic which is hidden behind closed doors. Like Covid-19 it’s a silent killer.  An unintended consequence of the isolation measures needed to combat Coronavirus is that vulnerable women and children are trapped at home with abusers, and unable to reach out for help.  Avon is a movement, and through our 5-million strong network and vast digital reach we will speak out and spread the word.  And we invite others to join us.  We’re going to make sure those who are isolated know they are not alone. We also need to take urgent action to keep front-line services open.  In addition to giving funds to NGOs through the Avon Foundation For Women our Avon teams will be donating vital products - from personal care to hand sanitisers and soaps - to refuges across the world.”

Improving women's lives through economic participation

Since 1886, Avon has championed women’s economic participation and financial independence. It enables women across the world to build their own business.

But there is still more work to do, millions of women and girls are unable to fulfil their dreams due to economic, social and political barriers, or simply because of their gender.

Avon Foundation for Women

The Avon Foundation for Women, founded in 1955, tackles the causes that matter most to women, taking a female-centric approach to break down traditional barriers and build a better future for women. Its ethos is based on the belief that the greater the support, the more empowered women feel to take control of their own safety and health.

The Foundation leads initiatives on breast health awareness and prevention through the Avon Breast Cancer Promise, and endeavours to help end gender-based violence through the Avon Promise to End Violence Against Women and Girls. It uses two key strategies:

  • convening partners and thought leaders to collaborate and share best practices
  • educating the public and key audiences to change behaviour and improve the lives of women around the world

Over the last six decades Avon and the Avon Foundation have contributed over $1 billion USD to the causes that matter most to women. Working in partnership with affiliate Avon Foundations and Avon countries around the world, the Avon Foundation for Women is a driving force behind charitable, scientific, educational and humanitarian work that improve the lives of women and their families.

Supporting women to reach their full potential

Avon has been supporting women for 130 years, it is part of the company’s DNA. Research shows again and again that when one woman’s life improves, it benefits her family, her community and the wider world we all live in.

stand4her is Avon’s plan to improve the lives of 100 million women every year. It is Avon’s global response to the barriers still holding women back from reaching their full potential.

It aims to improve the world by advancing their earning potential through the power of beauty, and their ability to live a safe and healthy life. It’s a global programme to help create opportunities for women to build their own success in their own way and on their own terms.

Financial independence impacts more than just the individual. There is a strong link between domestic violence and a woman’s economic empowerment and financial independence. If a woman can learn new skills and gain financial independence and confidence, then she is more likely to be able to take control of her life and decisions.

As part of their work, Avon partners with International Women’s Day charity of choice, WAGGGS, to help more women and girls to #SpeakOutListenUp on gender-based violence.

The partnership follows Avon Foundation funded research which revealed 38% of abuse victims are unsure where to seek help and 60% do not believe they will be taken seriously. Avon is working with WAGGGS to ensure more women and girls can identify gender-based violence and identify resources to safely seek help.

Looking to be part of something bigger?

Avon stands for the freedom to earn and learn on your own terms and in your own way. The Avon Representative is her own boss, with flexibility over her schedule and business goals.

While some Representatives are full-time beauty entrepreneurs, others are part time beauty advisors, selling Avon alongside a full-time job. And some are simply beauty fans who want direct access to all of the latest beauty trends.

Want the freedom to earn and learn on your own terms and in your own way? Find out more.

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