AHRI International Women's Day Breakfast

When: March 7 2018

Where: Canberra, Australia


<p>In 2018, we welcome Zelda La&nbsp;Grange, Presidential Aide and executive assistant to the late Nelson&nbsp;Mandela, to speak at our International Women&#39;s Day (IWD) breakfasts.</p>

<p>La Grange will share her insights from a long career in the male dominated world of politics.</p>

<p>International Women&#39;s Day continues to be a rallying point for improving the economic, political and social futures of women. Every year, AHRI&rsquo;s IWD breakfast events bring together HR professionals and business leaders to honour this international celebration of women.</p>


<p>Draw inspiration from La Grange&rsquo;s personal story while she shares some private and public moments during her time at the side of international statesman, Nelson Mandela, and talks about how this has changed her life.</p>

<p>La Grange was hand-picked by President Mandela to remain in his services beyond retirement. She played an important role in the formation of the Nelson Mandela Foundation and received several awards for her dedication and service to the late Nelson Mandela. She currently serves as the patron for the First for Women Foundation, and is a non-executive director of the non-profit organisation Healing Hands.</p>

<p>La Grange&rsquo;s bestselling memoir&nbsp;Good Morning, Mr Mandela&nbsp;has been translated into ten languages and is distributed in 15 countries, in addition to all the Commonwealth nations.</p>

<p>Join us to be a part of this inspirational morning as we host the 2018 IWD breakfast.</p>

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