Queenfest Variety Show

When: March 7 2018

Where: Los Angeles, United States


<p>In honor of International Women&rsquo;s Day, Bootleg Theatre presents Queenfest, a women&rsquo;s day variety show benefiting charity.</p>

<p>Queenfest&rsquo;s mission is to encourage those who identify as women to utilize their art form in the continuing battle for equality and equity.</p>

<p>Last year, we raised over $500 for Planned Parenthood and the Los Angeles LGBT Center!</p>

<p>We will be announcing our line-up of female artists and chosen charities in the next few weeks.</p>

<p>Bootleg is a space for art: A place where Los Angeles artists of all disciplines can come together and create new, exciting theatrical events. In our 1930&rsquo;s warehouse, located in the Rampart District, we have been producing theater since 2000. Bootleg is committed to producing brave, boundarypushing, artistically outstanding, and highly collaborative new work; work that is exciting to people of all ages and ethnicities and serves as a reflection of the City we all call home.</p>

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<p>Bootleg Theater, 2220 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90057, (213) 389-3856, <a href="/External.aspx?u=http://www.bootlegtheater.org" target="_blank">www.bootlegtheater.org</a></p>


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