International Women's Day Paint Jam

When: March 8 2018

Where: Worldwide and/or virtual, Worldwide and/or virtual


<p>This year female street artist from all around the world unite in a paint jam to press for progress.&nbsp;</p>

<p><strong>Locations currently include:</strong></p>

<p>Darwin,&nbsp; Perth, Brisbane,&nbsp; Adelaide, Melbourne, Indonesia, Spain,&nbsp; London,&nbsp; Argentina,&nbsp; Los Angeles, California, Canada, New Zealand and San Francisco and the list is growing ✌</p>

<p>This year to celebrate the achievements of all lady writers we are having an international paint jam.</p>

<p>Leading up to IWD we will be <a href="/External.aspx?u=" target="_blank"><strong>sharing the amazing work</strong></a> of the artist involved.</p>

<p>Show support by following them, liking..... but most of all by telling them why you love their art. It cost nothing but a moment of your time and honestly makes their day.</p>

<p>Ladies united to #PressforProgress.<br />


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