Sarah McGuiness - Free Live Global Gig to #PressforProgress

When: March 8 2018

Where: London, United Kingdom


Unbroken Live


International singer/songwriter, Sarah McGuinness hosts a free live global music webcast at 8pm (GMT) on Thursday 8 March 2018 in support of International Women’s Day and the ‘#Press For Progress’ campaign.

For all women who have faced problems and gained strength from the experience and remained unbroken, Sarah presents her ‘Unbroken Live’ live gig to all.

Streaming live through Facebook, join the live free global gig at 8pm (GMT) 8 March:


As an Emmy nominated movie director/producer, Sarah McGuinness is a woman who’s spent her entire career within an industry which is now pushing for gender equality.

Sarah is the epitome of glamour and strength and her gig will demonstrate how wonderful women can still stand strong.



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