How did you make a #PressforProgress?

Mark Weinberger, Global Chairman & CEO, EY

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We are still faced with the reality that at the current rate, gender parity in the workplace could take more than two centuries. That’s not acceptable; it’s time to double down.

At EY, our commitment towards gender equality is steadfast and central to our purpose of building a better working world. Sure, I want my daughter to have every career opportunity my three sons have. But, in addition to the moral prerogative for equality, it makes great business sense. To maximize human potential, you simply cannot leave half the population out, or behind. Women make up nearly 50% of our workforce, and we’re committed to advancing women into leadership roles. We’re proud of the progress we’ve made; women this year will make up 26% of our Global Executive, and last year 30% of our new partners were women. Even more importantly, we are committed to providing everyone the opportunity to succeed, by ensuring everyone has equal opportunity to get the experiences to make them successful. But we can’t stop there. We have to do more, both internally and beyond our walls.

Through our Women. Fast forward program, we are reaching out to our communities. We are supporting young women who want to have a career in technology; we are addressing external perceptions of the corporate finance profession; we are helping elite female athletes around the world transition from careers in sport to successful careers in business; we are coaching and mentoring women entrepreneurs around the world; and we are supporting women-owned businesses in our supply chain. At EY, we are committed to achieving more. 

All of us need to continue to #PressforProgress. Let’s all celebrate the progress made, but let’s also recognize there is a lot more to do. We all have a responsibility to effect change in the places we live and work.

Let’s get to it. #PressforProgress 


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