Grassroots action can make a big impact

From conferences on Wall Street to secret gathering in women's homes, International Women's Day sees all types of activity - from big-budget campaigns and events through to low-budget/no-budget, or even self-funded activity.

Each year on International Womens Day, millions of people around the world care deeply enough to feel motivated to press for women's equality. A common denominator across all activity is the courageous leaders who bravely step forward to support and unify collective action aimed at improving the world for women.

And while large-scale highly impressive professional IWD activity blazes around the world and makes huge leaps in driving awareness and changing behaviours, there are also many small powerful grassroots groups that work tirelessly to change women's lives for the better.

Above, She Is Safe’s Associate Director for International Ministries, Katy Anderson, stands with three Nepali girls together to call for for change that brings girls freedom from exploitation and slavery. The group searches for women and girls at high risk for abuse and exploitation, then actively supports them to improve their circumstances. 

Small is big for International Women's Day

Take for example back in 2017 when a small charity working in Malawi decided to #BeBoldForChange in their empowering vulnerable and marginalised women and girls in sub-Saharan Africa. They creatively'combined drama and participatory learning to educate and support men in not being violent against women. Watch how Theatre for a Change celebrated International Women's Day in powerful and meaningful ways to drive positive change right at source.

Helping women in jails of Kenya for International Women's Day

Each year communities of remarkable women from Mombasa meet together to plan their activity for International Women's Day. This year these women have decided that they will #PressforProgress by taking women in jail much needed items like sanitary towels, washing detergent and tissues. These Kenyan women from Mombasa and Nairobi are glad to feel part of the day, knowing they are making a positive impact as they #PressforProgress.

Targeted community interaction

Small actions can have big impact. Guyana Youth Movement Country in South America is calling on men to #PressForProgress as #ProtectorsNotAbusers via a series of grassroots videos and interviews.


Got grassroots activity you'd like to share?

It is important that all types of International Women's Day activity are shared because examples of good practice inspires futher groups to take action and do what they can to make a difference for women. Submit an article via your back-end IWD account and include engaging images (or email through separately). 

Enter the International Women's Day Best Practice Competition

By shining a spotlight on case studies and examples of good practice, International Women's Day activity grows bigger and better annually. If you have delivered effective International Women's Day grassroots activity with demonstratable outcomes, consider entering the "Best IWD Grassroots Impact" category of the International Women's Day Best Practice Competition.


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