Talent knows no barriers

François Locoh-Donou, President & CEO, F5 Networks

"I believe - deeply and personally - that talent knows no barriers of gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation or religion. Over the last twenty years, I have observed the richness and power of a diversity of perspectives in teams, and ultimately, the performance an organization can attain when diverse perspectives participate in decision-making.

"Yet the reality remains that many of our colleagues, in the technology industry in particular, operate in groups where they are always a minority member, feel they must adapt to cultural and behavioral norms that are not their own, accept unconscious biases which marginalize them, and deal with comments that can be offensive or simply insensitive. This environment impacts the long-term health of every business, not just my own.

"To continue to grow a company with the best of the best, I know we need to accelerate an F5 that attracts, retains and grows talents from all horizons, and where these adversities no longer exist.

"A #BalanceforBetter regarding diversity and inclusion is an imperative for F5 and has become an increasingly fundamental part of our focus and future identity."




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