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Around the world, students should be encouraged to actively engage in conversations and experiences that equip them to question stereotypes and bias, and celebrate women's achievements. International Women's Day and Teach Starter are supporting teachers by providing premium classroom resources that educate and inspire students. Read more about gender bias at school here.

Brilliant classroom resources for teachers

Are you looking for quick and easy, yet informative and reliable classroom resources to help students learn about and explore gender-related issues? Download these incredibly useful resources to actively champion International Women's Day in your school. We also invite further resources to help reflect the truly diverse and exciting world we live in.

And teachers, in addition to the brilliant downloadable resources below, remember to select some of the inspiring and informative International Women's Day videos as classroom discussion starters to reinforce important gender concepts or to provide entertaining ways to celebrate the day. 

1. International Women's Day printable fact sheet


Download these informative International Women's Day factsheets to:

  • learn about International Women's Day
  • explore key themes that relate to International Women's Day
  • learn about some very interesting statistics about women's equality
  • discuss what can be done to forge women's equality in areas like government and work

Printable fact sheet PDFs

2. Case studies about inspiring women role models 

Inclusion - school resources 

Download diverse, inspirational case studies of women role models from around the world to:

  • celebrate the achievements of women
  • consider career choices and life pathways
  • explore success from different cultures
  • instigate discussion about gender-related barriers

Printable case study PDFs:

3. International Women's Day activity task cards


Download and cut out these 14 exciting classroom activities for your students to collaboratively enjoy in groups or individually to:

  • celebrate women's achievements
  • challenge gender stereotypes and bias
  • use problem solving and creativity skills
  • develop writing, reading and multi-media skills

Printable activity task card PDFs

4. Questioning stereotypes

IWD Comic

The Ground Rules Comic is a fabulous resource for supporting students to think deeply about gender stereotypes and collaboratively discuss their views. The Comic is supported by Task Cards.

5. Challenging stereotypes for jobs

Gender Stereotypes - school resources

Read the Firefighter Story then access the Gender Roles Sorting Activity to support students in exploring and reflecting on their own perceptions.

Plus access the Female Gender Stereotypes in the Media Worksheet to explore and discuss how to spot gender stereotyping, understand and identify how it occurs, and learn how it can influence others.

6. Who is your role model?

International Women's Day role models downloadable PDFs

Who inspires you and why? Download the "All About My Role Model" activity for younger students using the easy to follow booklet, also available in a mini-booklet version. Both come complete with full instructions.

Use the role model booklet to:

  • teach students to think about the strengths of others 
  • reflect on qualities they admire 
  • explore and value differences

Printable role model booklets

Downloadable classroom and teaching resources by age

International Women's Day teaching resources

If you'd like to access the above resources by age level, please select from the below options:

Further downloadable classroom PDFs and teaching resources

If you've enjoyed these materials and would like to access further resources, visit Teach Starter. Trusted by over 250,000 teachers around the world, TeachStarter provides over 130,000 pages of downloadable educational resources expertly created by experienced teachers, designers and illustrators.

* It has not been possible to provide the International Women's Day classroom resources in multiple languages this year, however we endeavour to address this in the future because we do understand and value how important this is.

Show International Women's Day videos

Use some of the inspiring and thought-provoking International Women's Day videos available from around the world as great classroom discussion starters or teaching resources.

Teaching notes for the gender stereotypes viral video

Watch the viral video challenging gender stereotypes. Use the accompanying Teaching Notes to discuss the topic "what if women and men switched for a day?"

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