Greatest ever International Women's Day videos

 March 04, 2018

International Women's Day videos form a big part of celebrations on March 8, as well as providing a call-to-action for gender parity. Here are some of the most powerful, popular, interesting, effective and fun IWD videos from around the world over the years - and there are many more.

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1. Dance your message to the world

The world is inspired by these fabulous dancers from India and they have a message for you! 

2. Big change can start from little questions

For kids, gender makes no difference - see why! 

3. The race is on

This video has been an all-time favourite, and provides some 'must-see' inspiration for young girls.

4. An awesome IWD #BalanceforBetter rap

This brilliant #BalanceforBetter Rap song sends a fabulous message about creating a better business - and a better world.

5. Did you know ...

We've enjoyed this video since 2011 with its incredible facts and statistics about changes and developments impacting women in the workforce.

6. Time to party!

Get your purple gear on everyone and let's celebrate International Women's Day.

7. In every moment, no matter how small we can all press for progress

How did you press for progress on International Women’s Day?

8. Some times it is the hard cold facts that are more powerful

There are many issues facing women and girls around the world as they fight for equality and respect.

9. Sometimes comedy is a great way to get the message across

British comedians Flo and Joan celebrate International Women's Day in their own special way, as only they would.

10. Iconic celebrities support International Women's Day

Beyonce the American singer, songwriter, dancer and actress shared her female empowerment message with the world - and her fans shared theirs.

11. Actively involve your friends, colleagues and community

Over the years, various groups have called on their communities to spread the word and celebrate International Women's Day in all its many forms.

12. What happens when you ask girls one important question?

Being judged, labelled, deiscriminated against - girls around the world know how it feels.

There are many, many more videos to watch. Enjoy!

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