Happy Hour Celebrating International Women's Day

When: March 8 2018

Where: Los Angeles, United States


<p>In honor of International Women&#39;s Day, let&#39;s kick back and do some honoring of ourselves, happy hour style.</p>

<p>I invite all ladies to join us at Big Deans for a beer or two.</p>

<p>What better place?</p>

<p>No pressure, no stress just hanging with a bunch of ladies to celebrate how we as independent women have come a long way baby!</p>

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<p><strong>Event Details:</strong></p>

<p>Thursday, March 8, 2018<br />
5:00 PM&nbsp;to&nbsp;7:00 PM</p>

<p><em>Location:</em><br />
Big Deans Ocean Front Cafe - 1615 Ocean Front Walk, CA 90401&nbsp; Santa Monica,&nbsp;CA</p>



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