There's a risk of complacency

Ben Page, Chief Executive, Ipsos MORI

Ipsos MORI is proud to support International Women’s Day.  

Our own research, conducted in collaboration with International Women’s Day, shows how far the world has to go in achieving gender equality - and how there is a real risk of complacency.

People across the world underestimate women’s experience of sexual harassment (a majority of women say they have experienced this in their lifetime), they think global economic gender equality is only decades away when it’s actually two centuries and nearly half think we’ve already come far enough in giving women equal rights.

At Ipsos MORI we know that we have lots to do.

While our global board is completely balanced by gender, we still have more men than women in our most senior roles, which in a company that is over 60% female, is something we’re keen to address - but we’re determined that what gets measured gets done! 

It’s why we’re connecting inspiring female leaders with our employees, pushing to discuss and reduce unconscious bias in our recruitment and reward, encouraging flexible working and shared parental leave and why we’re committed to supporting and pressing for progress. 



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IWD Supporter

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