Mass awareness raising forges grater awareness about women's equality

Preaching to the converted is one thing, but reaching far and deep into communities everywhere about the importance of women's equality is key. 

Friends of International Women's Day, Adtower Digital Media, helps get the world out by broadcasting consumer-facing International Women's Day assets across 150 Digitower and DigiXtower channels throughout Ireland as part of a targeted campaign to increase awarenss for women's equality. 

Adtower's in-house tech team collaborated with the International Women's Day teams to create full motion, dynamic HTML5 assets counting down to International Women’s Day for March 8. 

International Women's Day is all about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action.

By being in significant touchpoint locations like shopping centres, petrol stations and public community spaces - the International Women's Day and Adtower collaboration is helping to drive mass awareness about equality.

  International Women's Day billboards drive mass awareness raising



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