Build the momentum for change

Trish White, National President, Engineers Australia

Engineering is key to Australia’s innovation and productivity but is hampered by its engineers coming from only half the population.

In Australia, only 6% of girls study the pre-requisite maths and science to train as engineers and less than 14% of working engineers are women.

If we are to achieve the sort of critical mass that builds momentum for change, then we need to #PressforProgress by inspiring more girls into engineering as a profession.

We also need female engineers as visible role models at all levels within organisations.

Together, industry and government need to be alert to a mood for change coming from their customers and shareholders who are increasingly asking leaders to demonstrate progress on gender diversity in their workforces.

I call on employers to cast the net wider to attract, retain and promote female engineering talent.

I ask you to unlock potential female talent by proactively seeking it out, nurturing it and promoting it.


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