International Women’s Day Conference

When: March 8 2019

Where: Ontario, Canada


Thirteen Moons Wellness will once again host the 2019 International Women’s Day Conference, an event that will bring women of the Peterborough and surrounding communities together, and aims to both inspire and advocate for greater action and investment to advance gender equality.

The 2019 theme, Connecting Women, Inspiring Action, clearly represents what this annual gathering is about - for women to create meaningful connections with each other, engage in learning opportunities to reach their personal and professional goals, and to feel inspired and empowered to spread awareness and break down barriers that women face today.

Keynote speakers:

Rebecca Thomas is a Mi’kmaw poet and activist who does not want to be a poet or activist. She just happens to be good enough at poetry and persuasion to get people to listen but her ultimate goal is to make Canada a better place for her Indigenous community

Rebecca Thomas

Deborah Kimmett is a Toronto-based comedian, speaker, author, instructor, and director. She is a 35-year veteran of the legendary Second City theatre company, and has made memorable appearances at The Winnipeg Comedy Festival as well as CBC’s The Debaters and Definitely Not The Opera.

deborah kimmett

The 2019 International Women’s Day conference, hosted for a second year by Thirteen Moons Wellness, will inspire participants by showcasing the experiences and stories of the speakers and facilitators; to bring together members of the community to learn more about the people and opportunities around them and to share their talents and perspectives; and to candidly explore ways to overcome some of the existing obstacles that continue to affect the lives of girls and women every day.

In 2017, the Women’s Business Network of Peterborough hosted the International Women’s Day Conference, the first of its kind in the region and a unique opportunity to share and advance knowledge and empower participants to strengthen outcomes for women, their families, their communities and the economy.  Since then, Thirteen Moons Wellness continues this tradition. The 2018 conference again featured three amazing keynote speakers and a total of six workshops (participants selected two workshops to attend) that energized participants to inspire action and create momentum for a more equitable and just society.

Here is a video showing what one participant who attended the last two conferences has to say about attending.


  • Friday, 8th March 2019, 8.00am - 4.30 pm


  • Ashburnham Reception Centre , 840 Armour Road, Peterborough, Ontario

Ticket prices:

  • $145 single


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