IWD 2019 - Inspiring Women

When: March 6 2019

Where: Edinburgh, United Kingdom



<li>The Old Course Hotel, Old Station Road, St Andrews, KY16 9SP</li>


<li>Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 5.30&nbsp;- 7.30 pm</li>
<li>5.30pm &ndash; Networking + Sandwiches, hot &amp; cold drinks</li>
<li>6pm &ndash; Speakers + Q&amp;A</li>
<li>7pm [Approx] &ndash; Networking, sandwiches and drinks</li>



<li>Book your place by 12:00 Tuesday 5 March 2019.</li>


<li>To be announced soon</li>

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<p><strong>About the event</strong></p>

<p>March 8 2019 is International Women&#39;s Day 2019.&nbsp;In the week of this annual celebration of the contribution women have and continue to make to our world, St Andrews Business Club will be honoured to have inspiring women who have achieved much to date in their careers and lives share their stories, lessons learned and advice to other women.</p>

<p>Last year&rsquo;s was one of our most popular and best-attended events, with universally positive feedback.</p>

<p>Read the report on it here -&nbsp;<strong><a href="/External.aspx?u=https://standrewsbusinessclub.co.uk/inspiring-women/" target="_blank">https://standrewsbusinessclub.co.uk/inspiring-women/</a></strong></p>

<p>We expect this year&rsquo;s to be the same.</p>

<p><strong>Why you should attend</strong></p>

<p>Regardless of your gender, we can all be inspired by the stories of inspiring women and learn lessons we can apply in our own lives and careers.</p>


<p>There is free car parking at the hotel.</p>

<p>If you can&rsquo;t get somewhere there, there is a large car park nearby at Petheram Bridge Google Maps -&nbsp;<a href="/External.aspx?u=https://goo.gl/maps/3BtfNrqYcw32" target="_blank"><strong>https://goo.gl/maps/3BtfNrqYcw32</strong></a><br />
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