IWD: A force for good

When: March 8 2019

Where: Sydney, Australia


I passionately care about making a difference to diversity in the Travel, Hospitality & Tourism Industry. Over 70 Percent of the industry is made up of females yet less than 10% make it into Senior Roles. I decided to lead the charge for change. Conversations don't change things...ACTION does. With the support of a large number of Travel Companies, three years ago I begun with the first ever event to help up skill and inspire more female leaders. Lots of leaders both female and male came together to share their knowledge to help more females learn, grow and build confidence to step up and help drive diversity. The next event (4th of this type of event) is in Sydney on 8th March with over 30 speakers, 5 from overseas.

A Force For Good Event, hosted by Jito Connected is excited to present International Women’s Day on 8th March 2019. 
We will also be using this event to raise funds for Eden Ministry charity that helps stop, prevent and give hope back to children sold into sex trafficking. 

Achieving diversity is both a female and male initiative so males are strongly encouraged to be part of this very important day. At this event we have eleven male leaders speaking and helping lead the charge for change. 

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