Fishhouse presents International Women's Day at Attenborough Arts Centre

When: March 10 2019

Where: Leicester, United Kingdom


Fishhouse Theatre presents a whole day of activities at Attenborough Arts Centre for International Women's Day. Kicking off at 1pm and going through til we've sung ourselves hoarse.

Drop in, stay as long as you like. All activities free (apart from Vulvarine £5) but you can book them via Attenborough Arts Centre's website to ensure yourself a place.


Women Theatremakers’ Lunch from 1 pm

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Our new Women Theatremakers’ Group will officially launch at Attenborough Arts Centre. Come along, get yourself some lunch at Attenborough's cafe and meet other women working in the field.


Stitch-A-Slogan Radical Embroidery Workshop

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Stitch a feminist slogan or celebrate your womanhood in this radical embroidery workshop. Decide what you want to say and take your creation home to hang on the wall.


Have Your Cake & Eat It - Cake Debate

We love cake. Why is cake is so important? Which cake wins. Why is the nation so obsessed with baking? Grab a cuppa from the lovely Attenborough Arts Centre cafe and join us for cake & discussion with baking guests from 5 pm.


Vulvarine - the new feminist superhero musical from Fat Rascal

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A new feminist musical from Fat Rascal. 5 pm (for 12+) 8pm (for 14+) £5

Where is all the tampon tax going? Who is The Mansplainer, and what is his evil plan?

Grab your tights, your spanx and your most supportive sports bra. It’s hero time.

The critically-acclaimed sellout Edinburgh Fringe hit. Bryony Buckle is astoundingly average. Her days are filled with mind numbing office work, thinking about lunch and lusting after Orson Bloom from IT. But following a dose of hormone therapy gone wrong and a well-timed bolt of lightning, Bryony gains superhero abilities and a brand-new persona: Vulvarine, saviour of womankind.


Women’s Powerballad Sing-a-long with DJ Harvey

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Finish the day with all your favourite women’s power ballads, anthems or just damn good tunes. We’ll get the disco ball going, have a glass of wine and sing along as DJ Harvey leads us in this appreciation of our inner diva.


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