Women's Work?

When: March 6 2019

Where: Glasgow, United Kingdom


Women's Work?

For International Women’s Day 2019 Swap Market brings you a day of conversation about the economy from women's perspectives.

Everyone is welcome to participate in workshops, talks and a film screening to consider how we can rethink our economy.

What happens if you value work often done by women such as caring responsibilities and domestic labour as equal to other forms of productivity.

Can we create a system of value and exchange that works for everyone?

Hear from women who are challenging the way our economy works, or doesn't work for many people. We will be asking questions like how do we build on a sharing economy?

What opportunities does the digital economy offer for equality?

How do we redistribute what we have produced rather than keep producing more?

For more information contact events@swapmarket.info

Event takes place Wednesday 6th March at Swap Market,

423 Victoria Road Glasgow G42 8RW


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