#BalanceforBetter - Women In Spatial - Off and Racing!

When: February 22 2019

Where: Sydney, Australia


Towards Gender Equity in the Spatial and Surveying Industry

Join us for an amazing late afternoon and evening as SSSI WIS (Women In Spatial) is Off and Racing in NSW!

Mary-Ellen Feeney, returned from Homeward Bound, will speak on Leadership in STEM.

This will be followed by a lively and interactive panel session, facilitated by Raelene Forbes who herself will be part of Homeward Bound 4, to provide context and stimulate ideas with the focus being on gender equity.

Key questions include:

Based on the findings from the Professionals Australia Women in STEM Report (links for the report will be provided to all participants) what fact do you find most surprising or concerning and why?

Are there any inequities or biases that men are subject to that also need to be considered to support change? and

What one thing could our industry do to make the biggest impact on gender equity in the next five years?

The panellists have been chosen to represent a range of perspectives, career stages and backgrounds and are:

Wanda Skerrett, CEO Open Spatial  https://www.linkedin.com/in/wanda-skerrett-936b9342/

Rohan Bakker, Survey and Spatial Solutions Manager SMEC Urban https://www.linkedin.com/in/rohan-bakker-mrics-a629097a/

Charity Mundava, Spatial Scientist WaterNSW https://www.linkedin.com/in/charity-mundava-210b6422/ .

Each panellist will then lead a workshop group concentrating in on the top three issues that SSSI should be focussing on to affect change for WIS.

A crucial outcome of the workshop will be to inform the direction of the Women In Spatial programme and provide clear guidance for SSSI in our aim to ‘lead through advocacy and communication’.

Post workshop we will have an opportunity to network together and enjoy night racing under lights!

Help us launch the campaign for gender equality in the surveying and spatial information sciences: bookings via:

https://sssi.org.au/events-awards/events/balanceforbetter-women-in-spatial .

Special thanks to our key WIS supporter - Digital Globe - for helping make this event possible for all!

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